PRIDE Survey

The PRIDE Survey is a national evaluation that measures student alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. It also measures behavior on many crucial issues that can affect learning, such as family discipline, safety, activity involvement, gangs, etc. The Morgan County Partnership has collaborated with the Morgan County Schools for the last few years to implement this survey.  To view the most recent Pride Survey Data (2015-16), click here.

View copy of PRIDE survey here:  PRIDE_Survey_scan_2014

Asset Survey

In the Winter of 2013, the Morgan Co. Partnership and the Morgan County Schools conducted the Asset Survey for grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. at Greenwood Elementary, Pleasantview Elementary, Warm Springs Intermediate School, Warm Springs Middle School, Berkeley Springs High School, and Paw Paw.  A total of 488 students were surveyed this year for the Asset Survey.

The Asset Survey is a national evaluation that is made up of two surveys: “Me and My World” Survey (Grades 4 and 6) and “Attitudes and Behaviors” Survey (Grades 8 and 10).  The survey helps to determine the 40 Developmental Assets made up of common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults.

The 40 Developmental Assets are broken up into two types: External and Internal assets.  External assets are the networks of support, opportunities and people that stimulate and nurture positive development in children. Internal assets are the young person’s own commitments, values, and competencies.  To view the most recent Asset Survey Report (2015-16), click here.

View a copy of the Asset Surveys here:  Attitudes and Behaviors 1 (Original)

Me and My World (Original)

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