Positive Action

Positive Action is an integrated and comprehensive program that is designed to improve academic achievement; school attendance; and problem behaviors such as substance use, violence, suspensions, disruptive behaviors, dropping out, and sexual behavior. It is also designed to improve parent-child bonding, family cohesion, and family conflict.

SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) Program

SBIRT is an evidence-based program proven to reduce substance use and associated risk behaviors in youth ages 12-18 to prevent future drug and alcohol dependence.  Those students who are at a low risk will receive brief school-based counseling that will help them make positive choices in their health behaviors. Those students who are at a higher risk will receive both school-based counseling and community treatment referrals for professional help as needed.

Teen Court

Teen Court  is a unique juvenile justice diversion program that is open to youth in grades 7-12, who will serve as jurors or attorneys. Students also participate in a monthly Teen Court Club.   Defendants are youth alleged to have committed an act of delinquency but after successfully completing the program, charges are dismissed.  Through direct participation in the judicial process, Teen Court addresses responsibility for one’s behavior and   accountability to one’s community and peers. View brochure.

Too Good for Drugs (TGFD)

Too Good for Drugs is a comprehensive drug prevention program designed to decrease risk factors and build protection within the child. This program develops a framework of social and emotional skills through the development of goal-setting, decision-making, and effective communication skills in addition to peer pressure refusal, pro-social bonding, conflict resolution, and media literacy. Too Good for Drugs builds the basis for a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment.  Too Good for Drugs has been implemented in Morgan County Schools since 2008.

Too Good for Violence (TGFV)

The TGFV curriculum for grades K-5 helps elementary students differentiate between feelings and actions, encourage respect between peers, and celebrate diversity. Program lessons and activities help kids handle bullying, and choose alternatives to violence.  This curriculum has been implemented at the elementary and intermediate school level, grades K-5, in Morgan County.

Youth Groups

  • Teen Court Club
  • Bully Prevention Team
  • MoCo YoCo (Morgan County Youth Coalition) / SADD

Working together to empower young people to make smart decisions