Morgan County Partnership
26 Chapman Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone: (304) 258-7807


Kristen Gingery, Executive Director,

Grant Davis, Director, 

Kristin Willard, Project Director

Megan Hauser-Cleveland, Evaluator

School & Community Programs

Scott Daines, Teen Court Coordinator

Chaima Benzidour-Chaib, Positive Action Program Facilitator

Amanda Knepper, Social Worker  Amanda

Ashley Griffin, Positive Action Program Facilitator                       

Jennifer Schetrompf, Mental Health Awareness Program Coordinator

Alexis Dixon, Mental Health Awareness Project Director

Laura Johnson,  Social Worker

Madison Trump, Substance Use Prevention Program Facilitator      

Crystal Michael, Parent Resource Navigator

Amber Morris, Program Facilitator

Summer Goller, Program Facilitator for Youth Coalition

Allyson Dengler, Program Facilitator,

Melody Stotler, Program Coordinator for Substance Use Prevention,

Rebecca Stotler-Griffith, Social Worker,

Lacee Kidwell, Therapeutic Counselor

Heather Alain-Deal, Therapeutic Interventionist                   

Autumn Fox, Therapeutic Interventionist                  

Adriana Ottaviano, Program Facilitator                        

Christina Dillman-Hahn, Therapeutic Interventionist                  

Nycole Tamasang, Therapeutic Interventionist

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Working together to empower young people to make smart decisions